Sunday, October 17

Labor proposes that companies have no more than 15% temporary employees in their labor reform

The negotiation of the labor reform advances. The Ministry of Labor has brought a document with new proposals to the social dialogue table with unions and employers, which will continue to be negotiated next week. Among the measures proposed, the Ministry directed by Yolanda Díaz proposes to set a maximum of “15%” in the temporary work within companies. The large volume of temporary contracts is one of the main problems of the labor market in Spain, much more than in other EU countries.

This is the “culture of temporality” in Spain: 27 million contract cancellations per year, one in five of a day

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Specifically, Trabajo proposes that temporary hiring cannot exceed 15% “of the annual workforce of each company,” explain sources of social dialogue to This percentage could be lower if so agreed in collective bargaining between unions and employers.

How will this annual workforce of companies be calculated? The Ministry has proposed that all contracts in force in a company as of December 31 be taken into account and that those that have expired during the calendar year be added. “In relation to the latter, the working days provided during the calendar year will be divided by two hundred, each resulting unit or fraction being computed as one more contract,” contemplates the Executive’s proposal.

From the social dialogue they insist that this measure is for the moment only a proposal from the Government, on which the parties have promised to return proposals that specify and land the measure. For example, on adaptation periods to meet the new requirement in case of going ahead.

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