Wednesday, December 7

Labor will take Glovo to the Prosecutor’s Office for possible crimes against workers in its challenge to the Rider Law

Important step of the Ministry of Labor in the face of the direct challenge of Glovo (and recently Uber Eats) to the Rider Law: it will ask the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate possible crimes by “rebellious” home delivery multinationals for their maintenance of autonomous couriers. This was announced by the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, in an appearance at her own request in the Congress of Deputies.

The Rider Law turns one year threatened by the pulse of two of the largest companies in the sector

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“We are going to urge the State Attorney General’s Office to investigate if there is an invasion of the criminal scene, if the rights of workers are being violated,” Yolanda Díaz announced. “I am clear, we are not going to stop.”

This represents an additional movement by the Ministry led by Yolanda Díaz to enforce the so-called ‘Rider Law’ against false self-employment, in addition to the investigations already opened by the Labor Inspection, still to be concluded with regard to the new norm, but which has fined Glovo and other companies on numerous previous occasions for this labor fraud.

The last time with a historic sanction on Glovo, of almost 79 million euros, between the fines for false self-employment and the settlement of unpaid Social Security fees from the multinational’s couriers in Barcelona and Valencia before the Rider Law.

One year facing the Rider Law

The new regulation was approved in May 2021 to prevent the systematic abuse of false self-employed workers in the sector that dismantled the Labor Inspection and condemned the justice system on numerous occasions. Glovo clung to the self-employed model (with some changes) despite the new norm, which regulates a presumption of employment of delivery men to force companies to make them employment contracts.

After more than a year with Glovo outside the work model, and when it has been added to the use of riders self-employed a new ‘unsubmissive’ company (Uber Eats), the Ministry of Yolanda Díaz opens a new avenue for the criminal investigation of “rebellious companies”, as she has described.

“I solemnly tell you here that the Rider Law is going to be fulfilled. We are in a social and democratic state of law and that the rebellious companies are going to attack” this, the second vice president stressed.