Monday, September 26

Laboratory turnover grew 22 points above inflation

At the end of the third quarter of the year, the pharmaceutical industry shipped goods for $ 152,070.4 million, 74.1% above 2020, according to data reported today by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses.

This implies that the turnover of the sector was 22 points above the price variation to the consumer, which as of September of this year was at 52.5%

But the gap widens more when it is compared by origin of the products since in nationals the increase is 77.2% compared to the same period last year and in the resale of imported products it is 66.1%.

The curious fact is that in the midst of a pandemic that attacks the respiratory system, the billing of specific drugs rose just 3.9% year-on-year to $ 5,895 million.

The strongest variation was observed in products for the digestive system and metabolism, 16.5%, which coincides with the highest billing by item, $ 25,029.1.

Then came antineoplastic and immunomodulatory drugs with sales of $ 22,866.8, equivalent to a 15% advance.

Meanwhile, sales of drugs for the genitourinary system and sex hormones rose 9.1% to $ 13,864.1

In turn, those applied to the cardiovascular system generated $ 16,989.3, growing at 11.2% year-on-year.

On two occasions, the national government tried to close price agreements with the sector, but as happened with similar agreements in the food industry, the discounts never reached the pharmacy counters.