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LaLiga appeals the Urkullu decree that limits the capacity in Basque football stadiums to 30%

The National Professional Football League (body known as LaLiga and chaired by Javier Tebas) has appealed the decree approved on August 30 by the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, and which has been in force since September 1 in which they are limited to a 30% the capacity in the stadiums of the Basque teams compared to the maximum of 60% allowed by the Ministry of Health. The case has fallen on the well-known magistrate Luis Garrido, president of the contentious-administrative chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV) and who has already overturned other restrictions approved by the Basque Government throughout the pandemic, including the closing of bars in a state of alarm.

The Basque Country will maintain 30% in the football and basketball stadiums during the September matches

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The court, also made up of judges Ángel Ruiz and José Antonio González, has denied LaLiga the “very precautionary” measures that it proposed on Friday at 12:40 pm so that more people could enter the fields this past weekend. The entity understands that there are economic “damages” for the clubs and for the competition itself regarding “not only spectators but also sponsors, advertising actions, audiovisual content rights”. The court rejected this most urgent measure and, on the contrary, has proposed to give a hearing to the Urkullu government this Tuesday in order to resolve the matter in “a few days.”

Judge Garrido, rapporteur of the judicial resolution that makes this appeal known, understands that “it is clear that the failure to adopt very precautionary measures can generate economic losses” but he assures that “the hearing procedure should not be dispensed with” because what is ” in conflict “is” public health. ” In any case, he reminds LaLiga that “his compensation would be appropriate” in the event that the appeal is finally resolved in his favor. However, it so happens that the legal services of this organization took more than ten days since the Basque decree was known and more than a week since the Ministry of Health, after an inter-territorial council, raised the capacity of 60% .

Basque Government sources indicate that the setting of capacity is an “exclusive competence” autonomic and that the inter-territorial council established maximums, not a common framework. Moreover, August was raised by 40% of spectators and in the matches played in Euskadi it remained at 20%, without any judicial action being disclosed. Navarra also modified that 40% downwards and left the public allowed at 33%, although now it has remained at 60% overall. However, the resolution could come with the measures already exceeded, since a modification of the gauges is planned this Friday, when the decree in force since September 1 will be analyzed and retouched.

Right now, there are around 6,000 spectators in Mendizorroza, Deportivo Alavés field, 11,850 in Anoeta (Real Sociedad) and 16,000 in San Mamés (Athletic). In addition, there must be “independent sectors” of “less than 1,000 people” with “access points and independent passage areas”. On the contrary, if the venues have 1,600 to 5,000 seats, indoors, no more than 800 will be able to enter and 1,200 outdoors. And in the smallest you cannot exceed a capacity of 600 inside and 800 outside.

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