Monday, August 8

Large chains advance “Black Friday” in the United States – – Financial News from Panama

There is still almost a month to Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving day and, with it, the Black Friday -o Black Friday-, as it is known in the Spanish-speaking region. But it seems that the madness of this day, in which stores offer big sales and people wait in long lines outside the stores to buy a product, could go down in history.

Some chains in the United States, such as Target O Best Buy, they have already announced that they will advance practically as, from next Monday, your offers of Black Friday. They say they have 15% more inventory and need to liquidate it as soon as possible.

Leidy Martínez, a Miami resident who shopped at the clothing store on Thursday H&M, celebrated that the small business industry has made that decision, which considera will be an injection to reactivate the economy of that sector.

We are very happy that they can advance all this because the economy needs it. Welcome everyone, welcome to buy ”, he said to the Voice of america from the iconic Lincoln Road Avenue, in Miami Beach.

In South Florida tourists appreciate this advance, as many will not be forced to come only during the week of Black Friday, a time when flights and hotels tend to be more expensive. Diego Lindo, a Chilean tourist who is spending a few days in Miami, assured that he will take the opportunity to buy some products, especially electronics.

We are going to take advantage of it because we have come for a few days for tourism. PoLet’s take advantage of these days to look at the offers and the low prices, and I am sure that we will be able to buy something before returning to our country ”, he declared.

Analysts who know the market and the movements that take place at this time of year They recommend comparing prices before buying and taking a good look at the discounts.

Despite the good prospects with the advancement of the Black Friday, some experts also warn the population not to leave shopping until the last day. The serious crisis in the supply chain as a result of the pandemic continues and some items, such as computers, televisions or smartphones, could be in short supply.

You have to take advantage of everything that goes down to be able to acquire them. There are a few unattainable prices, there are prices that do not accommodate much but now with Black Friday it will be a little more accessible for all kinds of tastes and customers, “said Diego Báez, another resident of the city of Miami.

So what it is now is to start making the list. “For now clothes and appliances, because we have just moved and see if we can buy new things,” said Keyla and Mauricio, a young Cuban couple living in South Florida.

After all, and with the advancement of Black Friday, lPhysical stores hope to reactivate sales, which declined during the pandemic and the boom in online shopping.

Voice of America (VOA)