Friday, October 7

Larroque on prices: “This has to be solved or solved otherwise people are not going to eat”

Referring to the resolution announced days ago by the Secretary of Internal Commerce, Roberto Feletti, he said that “it is to celebrate that the National Government puts prices at the center” since “it was the pressing issue everywhere.”

“The claim was to see the State at the head of this discussion, taking into account that since the beginning of the pandemic, and with a very strong economic crisis in tow, the price-forming sectors did not have contemplation, they multiplied their profits by abusing the situation of our people, “he said.

On the other hand, he reflected when saying that “it is a country that does not solve a cultural defect that has a sector of the business community that, instead of producing more, what it does is try to earn more via price increases. As they gained with the pandemic, They want to win now with the exit from the pandemic, not by producing more but by increasing prices. “

According to him, “you have to solve it or solve it; if not, people will not eat.”

Larroque said that it is necessary to “distinguish the sectors that have a role,” he mentioned “the price makers and they condition the rest” as he also referred to the opposition.

“We call on sectors of the opposition that, just as they were irresponsible in the transit of the pandemic, at some point react and see that, if we do politics, it is to represent the whole of the people if society is having a bad time, with which you have to give answers, “he said.

He added that the former Buenos Aires governor and current candidate for national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidal“He had stated that the problem of inflation was also due to a position of the business community, but now he says something else”, for which -he pointed out- “it would be good if they had a little memory.”

In this context, Larroque said that his space aims at social justice, advocating that “things develop with the greatest possible sanity”, although he indicated that in this situation “those who have the possibility of giving signals with the formation of prices They have to rise to the occasion. “

“Hopefully it will be resolved through the path of dialogue and, if not, we are clear about where we have to stop”, full.