Friday, September 24

Las Fallas return to the streets of Valencia 523 days after two weeks from the ‘plantà’

The ‘ninots’ stored for a year and a half at Feria Valencia have begun to take to the streets of the city early this Thursday for the traditional ‘plantà’, two weeks from these atypical September Fallas, and they have done so in a day that started cloudy and with a light rain.

At the moment it is planned that during this Thursday about ten fallas will go out to the streets of the ‘cap i casal’ to begin their assembly. The first to come out was that of Sant Josep de Pignatelli, by the Fallas artist Fer Marzo, followed by the monuments of Sagunto-Sant Guillem; Jacinto Labaila-Manuel Simó and Tomasos-Carles Cervera, all of them with the anticipation of leaving the Fair facilities before 12 noon.

“We are closing a cycle, it is an indicator that somehow a phase ends and the Fallas of 2022 begin. We want to burn,” the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, proclaimed to journalists at the fairgrounds together with the president of the Central Board Fallera (JCF), Carlos Galiana.

“523 days later”, from Feria Valencia they celebrate that the pieces of the monuments leave their ships. “It has been a pleasure to host them at the fair for all Valencians,” they say on Twitter.

But the ‘ninots’ are also stored in facilities of the commissions themselves and of the artists or in warehouses that they have rented, as well as in Alicante’s Ciudad de la Luz, with which “they are quite distributed”, recalled Galiana.

For Ribó, this transfer represents the closure of the cycle that began in mid-2020, when the outbreak of the pandemic in Spain meant that the Fallas were the first festivals in the country to be canceled together with the Magdalena de Castelló.

Of course, the first mayor did not want to refer to these September festivities as Fallas, but as Fallas acts, so that “no one thinks that we are going to have normal Fallas.” “They will not be like that, but we know that the Fallas have a cycle and it is essential that somehow they plant, burn and do all the acts that are safe,” he stressed.

All this with a view to “starting a new Fallas cycle because the Fallas have to continue”, which Ribó sees as an important moment for the city and for the Fallas movement. In this sector he has valued his responsibility and positivity since the parties were suspended. “Not all sectors have had an attitude as exemplary as the Fallas, it must be said,” he remarked.

COVID coordinators

And it has once again guaranteed that all the acts will be carried out safely thanks to the COVID coordinator that each fallera commission has, some coordinators who will hold a meeting on August 28 with JCF to remember the regulations.

At the end of the month there will also be a local security meeting between the City Council and the commands of the Local Police, National Police, a unit attached to the Generalitat and the Civil Guard to define the security device between September 1 and 5. “We are going to take the measures that are always taken in Fallas. There may be a problem; I do not doubt it, but we will solve it,” said Ribó, specifying that they will study whether a reinforcement of troops is necessary.

In the same vein, Galiana has reiterated that they will not be normal Fallas “far from it” and has once again valued that “in a year and a half there has been no outbreak in the fallero world and all the measures in the marry them. ” “And with the same attitude they will continue,” he confided, insisting that the only extraordinary act is the ‘Cremà’.

The also councilor for Festive Culture has wanted to make it clear that they will not announce to the public if there are last minute changes in the ‘mascletaes’ this year – distributed by neighborhoods instead of in the Town Hall square.

Regarding possible crowds, he has emphasized that he trusts the responsibility of the people and that there will be no fallera activity the weekend before September. He has also made it clear that the commissions’ tents “will not be as we know them” because they will not have a wall, they will not be closed and they will only have an awning, given the September weather, and that “the curfew will be respected.”

“There is no fringe left to close, they all closed on Tuesday,” Galiana stressed about the meeting that the Fallas representatives shared with the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló. And he has insisted that a change in regulations is necessary to allow parades, in addition to emphasizing that “if there is an Offering, there are music bands, there is no more problem.”