Thursday, October 28

Last minute of the explosion of the new volcano on La Palma

Historical moment on La Palma and throughout the Canary Islands. It has been eight days and more than 25,000 registered earthquakes, which were increasing in intensity in the last hours, until this Sunday, at 3:12 p.m. (Canary time), a first explosion started the volcanic eruption. The column of smoke and ash rose several meters above Cabeza de Vaca, in the municipality of El Paso, and there are already several fissures through which the lava begins to come out. Pyroclasts jump from the ground, causing small fires, some dangerous due to their proximity to homes. The evictions have accelerated in several neighborhoods of the municipal term. The sound and images move the islanders, who look at the show with admiration and respect.

This is how this new volcanic chapter advances in the Archipelago.