Friday, September 24

Lastra leaves the scene

In September, which is the month of changes and new projects, Pepu Hernández leaves and Héctor Gómez arrives. The first will sound to you because it was an occurrence of Pedro Sánchez in 2019 to head the PSOE’s candidacy for the Madrid City Council. Since then, the successful former national basketball coach has not been known for his work nor has he heard a word on the political field. Neither good nor bad. He passed without pain or glory through the Casa de Correos, where he has vegetated for two long years, after leading the Madrid Socialists to their worst electoral result in the capital of Spain. Now they say he is resigning. What are you resigning from? You’re welcome, because nothing did. Your service sheet on local politics is expedited. And now he is leaving because he has been waiting for months for a destination that never arrived at the Higher Sports Council, where they first joined Irene Lozano – a failed candidate in this latest government reshuffle to become an ambassador in London. Luckily there is Albares! – and then José Manuel Franco had to be placed after the federal leadership of the PSOE forced him to resign as secretary general of the PSM after the 4M fiasco.

The second, Héctor Gómez, from whom they have not heard a word until now – unless they orbit in the PSOE world – will assume the spokesperson for the Socialists in the Congress of Deputies from next Monday, replacing Adriana Lastra, who does not leave the position of her own free will or because Sánchez has thought of her for new assignments. Rather, he removes her from the scene, as he previously removed Ábalos, Redondo, Salazar and many more that he will remove from October, once the Federal Congress of Valencia has been held.

Until now, the parliamentary spokesperson was faster and more skillful than others and, in a meeting in La Moncloa with Sánchez and Santos Cerdán on the Sunday after the government reshuffle, she already pointed out to the president when she announced her departure the name of what could be his substitute. She herself, with the help of her press services and her media trumpetry, was in charge of selling the dismissal as a promotion to deal exclusively with the deputy secretary general of the PSOE -as if the PSOE were today something more than Sánchez and the Government- and avoid being included in the bag of misfortunes.

Lastra will no longer have a focus neither in Congress nor in the PSOE. That is why Sánchez also invented the position of spokesperson for the organizing commission of the Federal Congress of Valencia that Eva Granados already occupies, who will also be in charge of the Socialist Group in the Senate. Santos Cerdán will take care of the socialist plumbing until the October conclave. Beyond that date, nobody bets on the continuity of either the Navarrese or the Asturian. Taking something for granted with Sánchez is a sure mistake. The general secretary of the Socialists is the realization that one does not come to make friends in politics and that revolutions always end up devouring their children. It is an axiom that is fulfilled in every assault on power. And the one promoted by Sánchez in 2017 in the socialist organization was not going to be different.

Little is known about Lastra’s replacement, except that he always threatens to leave the sites; that he helped Sánchez during the socialist primaries; that he resigned from being a candidate in the Canary Islands and himself proposed Ángel Víctor Torres for the electoral poster; that later he wanted to weaken it; that after the motion of censure with which the PSOE returned to the Government, he aspired to be Secretary of State for Cooperation but was vetoed by Borrell; that later he aspired without much success to the same position in Tourism and Commerce; that, in the end, they placed him in Turespaña, since he left due to discrepancies with Minister Reyes Maroto; that two weeks ago his colleagues placed him outside Parliament because he threatened to leave and that it will be the veteran Rafael Simancas, and not him, who from the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts will be in charge of the dialogue and negotiation with the rest of the parliamentary groups. An appointment, in short, that few in the PSOE are explained.

PS The list of victims does not end with Lastra.

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