Thursday, October 6

Latest financial news and the IBEX 35, live | The IBEX 35 points to the rebound

The IBEX 35 will open the session with increases of around 1.5 percent and will exceed 8,300 points, according to futures. Investors will go back to buying after anxiety about the omicron variant subsided, causing the Nikkei to rise 2.08 percent.

In addition, investors optimistically discounted the news coming from China, where the government is encouraging the country’s banks to support the residential sector with new loans.

On the day’s agenda, investors will be watching the German consumer confidence index prepared by the GfK consultancy. Likewise, the same indicator from the European Commission will appear for the euro zone.

The last sessions of the year are being especially volatile and marked by the news on omicron. To a large extent, this will be the factor that determines the sustainability of the rebound.