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Ortuzar sees Sánchez “slow” in adopting measures and asks him to “start at once”

The president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, has lamented that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez is going “slow” and makes decisions “a little late” in the face of the current “complex” economic situation, for which he has urged him to “start at once ”. Likewise, he has considered that the PP’s demand for lower taxes is “pure populism of the very cheap.”

In an interview granted to Radio Popular-Herri Irratia, Ortuzar hoped that the inflation problem would be “temporary” because “this rate would be difficult to endure” and defended that, while it lasts, “we must act” with “shock” measures ”. In this sense, he has lamented that some of the measures of the central government are being “a little late”.

“We have wasted a month waiting for Brussels to say what was obviously going to be said”, warned the PNV president, who pointed out that the issue is not “so much what is done”, that he believes that “it ends up being good ”, but “how it is done and how long it takes to do it”.

Ortuzar sees it as “correct” that the Sánchez Executive has opted, given the “complexity” of the situation, to “expand the debt” so that now “it does not harm anyone and does not have to touch taxes” because, in his opinion, ” Entering into a tax reform would be very complex without knowing how long this situation is going to last.” However, he has warned that Spain’s public debt is already “almost reckless” and you have to be “careful how far you go.”

Along these lines, he has considered that the PP’s insistence on demanding a reduction in taxes is “pure populism of the very cheap.” “Be careful with the decreases and increases in taxes”, he has appealed, warning that taxes go “for the most part” to public services and the rest “a large part” to investment.

The PNV president sees Sánchez as “stable” but “slow.” As he has indicated, for the groups that support the Government, “the alternative is much worse” since, for the moment, “it does not seem that the PP of Casado and Feijóo are so different in response to great challenges from the State.” In any case, he has warned that the Government is “losing a lot of credit in the street” due to its “slowness and lack of clarity of concepts” within the Executive.

Ortuza has valued the intervention this Wednesday of the lehendakari and the three general deputies to announce the promotion of “nuclear projects of the country” regardless of whether European resources arrive. “We also have to demand that initiative from Pedro Sánchez, that he start at once”, he has requested.

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