Friday, May 20

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Gamarra will ask Sánchez for the first time in the control session, replacing Casado

The PP opens this Wednesday a new line-up for the first Plenary of control of the Government in Congress after the step aside given by the still president of the party, Pablo Casado. The parliamentary spokeswoman and new coordinator of the ‘popular’ groups, Cuca Gamarra, will be in charge of questioning the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez; while the Vice Secretary for Participation, Jaime de Olano, and the coordinator of the economic area of ​​the Popular Group, Mario Garcés, will ask the first and second vice presidents, respectively, for an account.

“What perspectives does the Government have in the face of the political situation?” Says the question with which Gamarra will debut in his duels with Pedro Sánchez, a role that he will play, at least, in the control sessions that will be held until the beginning of April when the PP renews its leadership at the national congress in Seville.

In addition, Sánchez will talk about the economic situation with the EH Bildu spokesperson, Mertxe Aizpurua, while the PNV spokesperson, Aitor Esteban, will ask him if he intends to “remove the veil” from the secret documentation relating to the Mikel Zabalza case, whom the The Basque Government has just recognized him as a “victim of police violence” for having died as a result of the torture to which he was subjected by the Civil Guard after being arrested in the framework of an operation against ETA, despite the fact that he had no relationship with the gang .

After the questions to the chief executive, it will no longer be Gamarra who faces the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, but the deputy for Lugo and coordinator of the economic area of ​​the Popular Group, Jaime de Olano. For his premiere, he will ask you: “Are you also going to deny that we have a problem with inflation?”

The one chosen to mark the second vice president and maximum representative of United We Can in Congress will be the also member of the management specialized in economic affairs, Mario Garcés, who will replace the resigned Teodoro García Egea in these matters. In his case, he will urge the Minister of Labor to explain “what impact the crisis in Ukraine is going to have on employment.

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