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Latin superheroes appearing in DC and Marvel | Digital Trends Spanish

As a way to diversify their audience and reach a mass audience, DC and Marvel, the major comic book companies, have recently added a number of new characters.

Thanks to this strategy we have seen the appearance of several superheroes of Latin origin, which has been well received by comic book readers because, in addition, these characters incorporate certain cultural elements that represent all Latin Americans.

These are some of the most important Latino characters:


He is the alter ego of Francisco “Cisco” Ramón, a character of origin Mexican created by DC Comics in the mid-eighties.

His first appearance was in number two of the Justice League of America in October 1984.

Its main power is the manipulation of sonic vibrations and image distortion by inducing molecular vibration.

Jessica Cruz

Another Mexican superhero who appears in DC. He is part of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League. Her comic book debut dates back to August 2014 in issue # 31 of Justice league.

According to the company, Jessica Cruz also has Honduran descent and is inspired by the actress Penelope Cruz.

Jaime Reyes

He is the person behind the Blue Beetle, becoming the third character to assume the mantle of the Blue Beetle.

It is about a teenage hero of Mexican descent who appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young justice Y Smallville.

His first foray dates back to February 2006 in the third issue of Infinite Crisis.


He was introduced by Batman as one of his international vigilantes; is a character whose mission is to defend the Argentine city of Buenos Aires.

His first appearance in a comic was in number 215 of The batman of all nations.

Roberto Reyes

Roberto “Robbie” Reyes is the fifth character to give life to Marvel’s Ghost Rider. He is a young Mexican mechanic who works in Los Angeles.

Unlike the other versions, Reyes’ Ghost Rider does not ride a motorcycle nor has it been by some demonic entity, but he can invoke hellfire as one of his main superpowers.

America Chávez

It first appeared in July 2011 in the first issue of Vengeance. She is the second character to use the identity of Miss America.

His most important powers are speed, strength, flight, and the ability to open interdimensional portals.

Miles Morales

Teen superhero of Latino and African American descent. He lives in Brooklyn and is in charge of assuming the identity of Spider-Man in 2011 in the absence of Peter Parker.

He possesses the same superpowers after being bitten by a genetically modified spider by Norman Osborn, Spider-Man’s nemesis.


Robert “Bobby” da Costa gives life to this Marvel superhero. He is a native of Brazil mutant frequently associated with the X-Men, the New Mutants and the X-Force.

It is capable of absorbing the energy of the Sun and transforming it into physical energy. He knows how to fly and can also control solar fire.


He debuted in the first issue of The ultimate man, in August 1996. He is a DC superhero chosen by a secret society to be the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and face his enemy, the god Tezcatlipoca.

He has a special suit that gives him a large part of his powers. He also possesses physical and mental abilities.

Joaquin Torres

It made its debut in 2015, in the first issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson from Marvel. He is a Mexican who crossed the border very young, now he is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the migrant population.

He obtained his powers when he was kidnapped by a scientist, who combined his DNA with that of a hawk. With this he gets his identity: The New Falcon.

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