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Latinexplorers: Minecraft’s way to celebrate Latinos | Digital Trends Spanish

LatinExplorers: A Hispanic Heritage Journey is a game-based learning experience created in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month.

This adventure introduces a new way to develop leadership, social-emotional skills, and teaches youth how Hispanic community leaders can inspire them to take action in their own communities.

LatinExplorers: A Hispanic Heritage Journey is available in 29 languages ​​for all Minecraft: Education Edition players and on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Some challenges of this special Minecraft development:

Activity: Culture and Climate

Be part of a celebration in Michoacán, Mexico during the Day of the Dead with the dr Elected Garcia Highlander helping to create an offering. After that, follow Dr. Serrano and explore the local Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and see the monarchs arrive. Learn why monarchs are so important to local indigenous communities and culture, as well as to our environment, and what actions are being taken to conserve them.

Activity: Culture and Care

A city has recently been affected by a hurricane and the local population needs help. The players will gather and help the dr Pedro joe Greer in caring for people. Players will build a temporary shelter with the blocks provided to help protect people from the sun and rain. After that, players will deliver supplies and basic necessities to the local community.

Activity: Culture and Creativity

Creating an inclusive community starts with you! Players will speak with artist and DACA activist, Yehimi Cambron, who will introduce you to the area of ​​creative construction of neighborhood murals and inspire you to take action. This area teaches players about the instrumental role of wall art in expressing history, culture, and issues important to communities of color and the Latino community.

Players will have the opportunity to be creative through a building challenge, expressing and sharing the issues that matter to them.

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