Friday, September 30

Launch of the first closed real estate investment fund in the interior of the country

“It is structured under the new special regime of collective investment vehicles for the development of the real estate sector”, they affirmed to Ámbito from the financial services company. And they added: “Construction costs at historic lows, the country’s growing housing deficit and the government’s desire to promote the construction industry as the axis of economic reactivation, determine a unique opportunity to invest in real estate assets.”



The Real Estate FCIC is administered by Dracma, with more than 15 years of experience. As detailed, their objective is to have a capital market that serves as a means of financing real economy projects. “We see as a very good investment opportunity the possibility of investing in a real asset with dollar value as a way to protect against inflation, at the same time it is an asset that is not correlated with the volatility of the financial markets. The brick has historically been a refuge of value because it protects you very well in high inflationary periods “, Held John Walker, vice president of Dracma SA.

Dracma FCICI will issue installments in tranches (each project is a new issue) for up to $ 6 billion, allowing both institutional investors with a minimum ticket of $ 10 million and to retailers with a minimum ticket of $100.000. “This way they will be able to invest their savings in genuine and high quality projects, within a framework of legal certainty that the CNV public offering regime implies”, they emphasized from society.

The first project of the Fund will be carried out in association with the developer Elyon Group, and it is an apartment tower located in the heart of Nueva Córdoba, a few meters from the Patio Olmos shopping center.



“We are motivated by the fact of giving institutional investors the possibility through this vehicle to invest in Real Economy projects, which allow boosting productive investment and job creation, which otherwise would not be easy for them to do”Walker noted.

But he also remarked that at the same time you can “Give access to this investment to thousands of small investors, who with a minimum ticket will be able to invest in large projects, under the same conditions as institutional investors, that is why we say ‘I invested with the big ones'”.