Wednesday, August 17

Laura Borràs asks to “annul” the article of the regulation that will suspend her when she is tried for corruption

The president of the Parlament, Laura Borràs, has declared that the Parlament should annul article 25.4 of the regulation, which foresees suspending a deputy when an oral trial is opened for corruption. According to the president, this article violates the fundamental right of the presumption of innocence and would see “an aberration” if it were applied.

Laura Borràs chairs a conference against corruption after her prosecution for splitting contracts

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This is how he pointed it out in an interview on TV3, in which it has considered that the application of this article would suppose an anticipated judgement. “We would be allowing politicians to act as judges and to me this seems like an aberration,” he insisted.

The also president of Junts has defended that 25.4 presents a democratic problem, and has stated: “Those of us who must apply the regulation, what do we have to put before it; the regulations, what do deputies do, or fundamental rights such as the presumption of innocence?”

“An imperfect article cannot justify a decision that is unfair and that violates the fundamental right that is the presumption of innocence; but I don’t tell anyone what they have to do or tell anyone to skip the regulations, ”he argued.

Even so, she has stressed that she does not feel challenged by the article in question because, she assures, she has not committed any crime, which is why she refuses to resign. “I will defend my right to the presumption of innocence”, insisted Borràs, who has pointed out that the origin of his accusation is of a political nature: “I will not have a fair trial if a judicial scenario takes place, because there is a component of political persecution” .