Tuesday, February 20

Laura Borràs, on the new Government: “It has no political or democratic legitimacy”

It didn’t take long for the president of Junts, Laura Borràs, to come out and criticize the new Government announced by Pere Aragonès. “It has no political or democratic legitimacy,” she has tweeted.

“We are waiting for him in Parliament or at the polls”, he challenged the leader of Junts, who added that “coherence must be the main political capital of the rulers”.

Along similar lines, the general secretary of his party, Jordi Turull, replied to President Pere Aragonès that the Parlament “is the place to check whether the Government represents the 80% consensus.” He has done so in response to a tweet from the president of the Generalitat in which he defended the remodeling of the Cabinet, assuring that “it will represent the consensus of 80% of citizens and” will always work at the service of the people and will give everything “.

“The Parliament represents the people of Catalonia, it is an issue of democratic radicalism”, added Turull, who has insisted that Aragonès must submit to a matter of trust.

The CUP has also made it clear that it does not like the new Catalan Executive. The deputy Eulàlia Reguant has criticized the composition of the Cabinet, which incorporates independents such as Joaquim Nadal, Carles Campuzano and Gemma Ubasart. Reguant has stated in a tweet: “When it is not a question of policies, but of names, it is that nothing changes. And so we are.”