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Laura Borràs supports Dalmases and admits that she witnessed his “discussion” with a TV3 journalist

The president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has admitted for the first time that she witnessed what she has defined as a “discussion” between the Junts deputy Francesc de Dalmases and a journalist from the TV3 program ‘FAQS’ on July 9, and has refused to qualify the events as an “aggression”.

A Junts deputy scolded a TV3 journalist for the questions of an interview with Laura Borràs

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“There is talk of an attack and it was a discussion, and words are important when they have consequences for the honorability of people,” Borràs defended in an interview on RTVE Catalunya. The leader of Junts has followed the same line expressed this Thursday in Parliament by Dalmases, who after denying the facts in the first instance admitted that he had a “fiery discussion” with the journalist, to immediately present himself as a victim of a “lynching” of the opposition.

Borràs has not mentioned the four witnesses who, as reported by and Nació Digital, reported that the deputy grabbed the journalist by the wrist, locked her in a room and, in the presence of the president of Parliament and two other members of his team, banged on the walls and yelled like “this show sucks” or “you’re a bad journalist”.

“I was there when what happened happened, not what they say happened, which is a different matter,” said Borràs, who has insisted that she witnessed the events. “What I have read that has happened I have not lived it”, she has insisted, in addition to calling the “cruelty” that, in her opinion, the deputy is suffering as “unfortunate”.

Borràs, waiting for the judge to send her to trial for corruption in the case of split contracts at the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC), has criticized that “everyone has a prosecutor inside”, which, in his opinion, it leads to “condemnations and opinions without knowing what happened.”

Borràs’s reaction comes after all the left-wing groups in the Parliament of Catalonia, which add up to more than the absolute majority, have signed a letter in which they demand that he initiate a procedure to determine whether Dalmases violated the Chamber’s code of conduct when he yelled at the journalist.

PSC, ERC, CUP and comuns have addressed the president of the Parlament so that the Table opens the sanctioning route, which must go through the elaboration of an opinion in the Commission of the Statute of the Deputy on the facts. If the facts are confirmed, in addition, the groups ask to “take the pertinent actions” in accordance with the regulations.

In their letter, the groups cite the information revealed by about the episode that occurred on TV3, but also the testimonies collected later by this same medium about pressure on other journalists, some of whom work in public media such as Catalunya Ràdio or the ACN agency, recalling that various associations and professional groups have already claimed to clarify the facts.

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