Tuesday, February 20

Laura Martín dies, widow of the last victim of the GAL and former vice president of Covite

Laura Martín, widow of Juan Carlos García Goena, who was the last victim of the GAL after being assassinated in 1987 in Hendaye, the first town after crossing the French border through Irún, passed away this Saturday. The murder occurred after commissioning a studio photograph in 1985 from a portraitist to send it to the grandparents of Maider, their daughter. The GAL gunmen used a slightly different second copy, never delivered to customers. The photographer was a relative of a Civil Guard agent stationed in Intxaurrondo and García Goena was an object of conscience who had no relation to ETA, the organization he was persecuting by practicing terrorism with this vigilante structure.

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Laura Martín saw the explosion of her husband’s Citroën Dyane 6 from the window and both she and her daughter Maider García Martín have demanded justice for the victims of terrorism. “I want to ask you to demand from the PSOE once and for all political recognition of what happened,” declared the daughter in the Basque Parliament a few years ago. “My mistress had to investigate what the Justice did not do,” she added this year in an interview on ‘The Basque Journal’.

“I will always carry it in my soul,” says Consuelo Ordóñez, president of Covite. Martín was vice president of the main group of victims of terrorism, which not only includes those of ETA. “I will never forget the moments lived with you. There were many, you were at the beginning of Covite, at our first ekintza and many more. You will always live among us. Rest in peace with Juan Carlos ”, she has also written on Twitter.

“Today Laura Martín has left us […]. It will always be an example that memory, justice and truth are the way. Rest in peace”, has indicated the area of ​​Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government in a brief statement. The Memory and Victims area depends on this portfolio, directed by the counselor Beatriz Artolazabal. Gorka Landaburu, a victim of ETA, has also pointed out that a person has died who “fought all her life to find out who and why her husband was murdered” and that, in response, “all doors were closed to her”. She obtained “very little sincerity for the truth”, has added Rafaela Romero, socialist leader in Gipuzkoa.