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Laura Mattarella, the daughter of the president who exercises discretion and elegance as the ‘first lady’ of Italy



He is a lawyer like his father and from him he has inherited his discretion, elegant reserve and his love for the family. Laura Mattarella (Palermo, 53 years old), daughter of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has served as “first lady” in ceremonies and on official trips, since February 3, 2015. She has also done so during Mattarella’s state visit to Madrid, the last in his seven-year term as president of the Republic.

Sergio Mattarella (Palermo, 80 years old) was widowed in 2012. Of his three children, Laura is the only woman. Married with three children, she is a renowned lawyer, with her own office in Rome. The slender figure of Laura Mattarella

He appears next to his father on all trips and official acts foreseen by the protocol. It is always present, but away from any prominence. It was never noticed. It is discretion personified. «I like being with my father; I hope I will be useful to you, “he said years ago, in the only interview he has ever given.

In some of his trips, such as in Ethiopia or Cameroon, he wanted to see with his own eyes the drama and poverty of the refugee camps. “I hope that what I do, which is very little, serves to draw the attention of many to what people like Father Sergio Ianellesi (caring for disabled children) are capable of doing here,” said Laura Mattarella in Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon.

Style and fashion

His sober style, like that of his father, also reflects this in his customs and in fashion. Gray, pale blue and beige are the shades she prefers. To the frustration of gossip hunters, it has rarely caught the eye of photographers. They have to settle for the odd gesture. For example, at a gala dinner at the invitation of the Swedish royal family, she wore a blue dress, signed by the Gattinoni fashion house, recycling it a few days later at the premiere of the opera season at La Scala in Milan. The detail did not go unnoticed. Laura Mattarella acted as is normal for many women, who cannot change their dress every time.

Respect and affection

In the shadow of her father, Laura Matarella has earned the respect and appreciation of all the personalities and dignitaries with whom she has been associated. Sergio Mattarella, an old Christian Democrat politician – his brother Piersanti, president of Sicily, was assassinated by Cosa Nostra in 1980 – will leave the Quirinal Palace in two and a half months, amidst the respect, affection and admiration of the Italians. In a country jaded by his political class, Sergio Mattarella has given prestige to the highest institution in the country, becoming the most popular and loved politician in Italy. He has totally rejected the possibility of his re-election, about which there has been speculation for months. A few days ago, President Mattarella, accompanied by his daughter Laura, signed the contract for his new house, to which he will move after leaving the Quirinal, which was the residence of pontiffs and kings. Father and daughter will return to the normality of a simple life, which they surely long for. “Before being elected president – Laura confessed – he dined at our house every night. He is a very loving grandfather.

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