Wednesday, February 21

Lavrov gives the US a week to satisfy its demands on Ukraine in writing

Correspondent in Berlin



After the conversation with his US counterpart, the Russian Foreign Minister has reported that he expects within a week a written response to your offer, by Washington, and has obtained the promise of the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that ‘they will focus on the essential part of the proposal’.

Without revealing what the content of said offer is, Lavrov has assured that “there is no threat to Ukraine” and has mocked “imaginary threats”, adding that Russia does suffer a “real threat, with the supply of weapons and military instructors ».

“Today we have only talked about concerns, not about the facts that justify those concerns,” he insisted, “there would be a lot to talk about that.”

Lavrov has referred disparagingly to the EU. “It is quite an interesting turnaround that we are seeing in Europe. It is not clear what they intend, perhaps to remind the rest of the world that they exist, and they are not even in these talks,” he said, implying that his only valid interlocutor in this crisis is Washington.

Regarding the possibility of a new meeting between Russia and the US at the highest level, the Russian Foreign Minister has offered that «the president Putin is always ready to meet and talk with President Biden, but these meetings have to be very seriously prepared, so we will wait to see the response in writing and then we will decide on a possible next summit.

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