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Laws or homeschooling: the keys to training your children in the digital age

“Education is preparing children for what they will have to live,” says lawyer and expert in digital law Borja Adsuara, who is very clear that we must avoid training “bubble children” who live outside this interconnected world . For him, “the important thing is the accompaniment work”. An accompaniment that must be carried out at an early age: “If you wait until they are teenagers, they no longer want to share it with you,” he explains.

The Mutua Madrileña Foundation launches Dialogues on Digital Society, a cycle of conversations about the impact of digitization in our lives, with a first season, entitled The digital revolution in the family and focused on transforming the family environment. At first episode, the journalist specialized in digitization and influencer, María Zabala, talks with Adsuara about how digital life affects, among other things, the education of children.

All deliveries of Dialogues on Digital Society They are designed to be consumed in both video and podcast formats and will be released every three weeks. On this occasion, Borja Adsuara explains what an education that integrates the use of the Internet should be like, without the parents being too intrusive or prohibiting their children from accessing the Internet. A conversation that covers everything from how to make crimes on the web regulated, to how to get minors to access that content in a responsible and safe way.

More than a problem of legislation

“I am in favor of fewer rules, but clearer and more forceful,” defends Adsuara, who maintains that there are a huge number of laws but that they are not very effective. Aware that the age of majority is just a number, the lawyer believes that it is necessary to speak of “ages” and not so much of an age of majority: “An 8-year-old child is not the same as a 17-year-old boy , 11 months and 30 days ”.

But in the digital world there are also rights and duties. “All parents are very concerned that their children are not victims of a crime,” explains Adsuara, who clarifies “it is parents who must watch not only to protect our children, but to protect other children from our children” . Adsuara thus recalls that, according to the penal code, the first duty of a father is to prevent his son from becoming a criminal.

In conclusion, the lawyer and expert in digital law draws a panorama in which homeschooling and legislation are not worth by themselves. Laws, families and digital platforms such as social networks must work together to educate and protect the youngest in the digital environment.

A space for reflection

The objective of these talks is “to open a space for reflection and information on what it means to be part of the digital society, how to take advantage of opportunities and how to understand and face threats”, in the words of Lorenzo Cooklin, general director of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation .

The idea of ​​the videos is, according to Cooklin, to convey the message clearly to the viewer, with a simple, everyday language that invites them to make their own decisions and all this leads to creating “the best possible digital society.”

Since its creation in 2003, the Mutua Madrileña Foundation has worked to create spaces for reflection on culture, coexistence and society. On this occasion, the “Dialogues on Digital Society” seek to create a relaxed environment for conversation for experts in the field to explain their vision of the digital world, and the viewer can apply what they have learned in their day to day.

In future editions of the first season, María Zabala will have as guests Jorge Flores, founder and director of Pantallas Amigas, which develops projects for the active, positive and healthy use of the network. The journalist will also speak with Laura Cuesta Cano, expert in digital communication and professor at the Camilo José Cela University, about digital conflicts in the family environment.

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