Saturday, October 23

Lawyer Eduardo Ranz drops out of the race to lead the PSOE of Madrid

The memorial lawyer Eduardo Ranz drops out of the race for the leadership of the PSOE of Madrid that will be cleared in the primaries on October 23. The Socialists are looking for a new secretary general after the setback of 4M in which they were relegated to third position and which led to the resignation of José Manuel Franco.

Ranz has not come to present his candidacy and will join that of deputy Juan Lobato, after having reached a programmatic and team integration agreement. This candidacy will face the mayor of Fuenlabrada, Javier Ayala and that of the socialist spokesperson in Paracuellos del Jarama, Eva Llarandi.

Lobato, who was number 4 in the last candidacy for the regional elections, already tried four years ago to take over the general secretariat of the Madrid Socialists. Then, Sánchez supported José Manuel Franco and the current Madrid deputy won 20% of the support.

The movements to take over the leadership of the always convulsed Madrid federation began months ago. Just 48 hours after the defeat of the 4M and the upheaval that occurred in the socialist ranks with the resignation of Franco and the subsequent resignation of the act of Ángel Gabilondo.