Thursday, December 2

Leaders in Paris urge to protect children online

Internet giants, including social media companies like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, they joined some world leaders in a global call to better protect children on the internet, at a meeting in Paris.

The call, initiated by France and the UN agency for children UNICEF, recognizes that “in the digital sphere, children can find violent and harmful content and manipulation of information. Like adults, children have rights to privacy that must be respected ”.

The text also mentions “Threats amplified by technology”, including harassment, sexual abuse, human trafficking, sexual and gender-based violence and violent radicalization online ”.

“We call on all governments, internet content providers and relevant organizations to defend children’s rights in the digital sphere”, He indicated.

Signatories include Amazon, Google and YouTube, Meta – the parent company of Facebook and Instagram_, Microsoft, Snapchat and Twitter. The call also includes France, Italy, Argentina, Jordan and Morocco, among other countries – although not the United States.

About 30 heads of state and government and US Vice President Kamala Harris they participated in the Paris Peace Forum. Organized in person and online, the summit brings together world leaders, business executives, non-governmental organizations and others to discuss issues such as the climate, the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transition.

French President Emanuelle Macron chaired the session on children’s rights in the presence of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

We must regulate the content and authorization tools for an eight-year-old, 10-year-old, 15-year-old... you can’t be exposed to all content without rules, “said Macron. That must be implemented via parental controls installed by default in some tools, he said. He also insisted on the need to educate children about the risks of social networks.

Macron, Harris, the President of the EU European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau They also participated in a round table on the regulation of the digital domain, together with the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith. Harris announced that the United States will join the 2018 Paris Call to improve security and better regulate cyberspace.

Children’s rights activists they have for years urged internet giants to take steps to better protect children.

Voice of America (VOA)

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