Wednesday, August 10

Leafty, a tool against climate change

Leafty, is a decentralized crypto project. Launched in September 2021, which aims to save our planet. A tool against climate change.

«The planet is threatened and, therefore, so are many of the people who populate it. You have to join forces to combat global warming and Leafty makes it very easy for you. “

By the way, the project is in its initial phase. And, it intends in other later stages to establish partnerships with non-profit institutions such as Greenpeace, Alliance for Forests and The Nature Conservancy.

«After building our base, Leafty will work to become more common and accessible. There is no definite end to marketing and we will stick with it until we reach our goals of making Leafty a project that can raise millions for the environment.».

According to CoinMarketCap, today’s price for Leafty is $ 0.4124. With a 24-hour trading volume of $ 448,259.

What will the percentage of Leafty transactions be used for?

On the official website of Leafty, it is indicated that 12% will be charged for each transaction:

  • 9% of all transactions will go to charities to save the planet.
  • The 1% is redistributed across all Leafty headlines.
  • The remaining 2% goes to marketing and promotion of the token.
  • You also have the option to donate money directly or to collaborate as a volunteer.

«We are always looking for people willing to dedicate their time and energy to make the planet a little better.».

Support to help save the planet

«Save the planet, while making profit and fighting climate change».

In fact, Dani Alves, Ronhaldino and Gianluca Vacchi joined the Leafty project, a new cryptocurrency.

In this regard, the employer, Gianluca Vacchi, expressed in his social networks: «In each transaction a small percentage is taken to distribute among all investors. In addition, to help the environment. Join us and participate in this revolutionary initiative!»

Also, Dani Alves, has put his voice and face to spread to Leafty: «Join and be part of the movement».

For its part, Ronhaldino said: “Together with Leafty we can save the world».

Likewise, the Uruguayan soccer player Luis Suárez, supports Leafty.

As a curious fact, according to the Leafty Twitter profile, the project will also have the support of «a legend among legends». However, for the moment they have not revealed his identity.

«A huge legend among legends has confirmed his presence and support in collaborating with our token. One among the many other stars who are promoting with us».

How to become a member of the Leafty community?

You only owe acquire the native Leafty token, something you can already do in PancakeSwap and BitBase (online / physical stores). Also, soon there will be the option to buy it on other platforms and at BitBase ATMs (the cryptocurrency company with the most ATMs in Spain).

In addition, another possibility is to transform your cryptocurrencies into Leafty: you will do it in Leafty Swap.

So can anyone ignore the problem of global warming and climate change, or do we follow Leafty’s advice?

«Be part of the charity community. Invest in new cryptocurrencies and profit».

Finally, if you are trying to find cryptocurrencies that perform well, you should research as many sources of information as possible. In order to make a responsible investment decision on your own.

I retire with this phrase by Jaime Sabines: «Nothing happens here. Rather, so many things happen together at the same time that it is better to say that nothing happens».