Monday, August 8

Ledesma: this year’s production was lower than in 2020 due to covid and drought

Production was lower than in 2020, due to two main causes: first, as a result of the covid pandemic and the consequent prevention measures, Ledesma had 480 workers without work in October and November 2020, when the The irrigation stage of the reed beds has its maximum demand. Also due to the same health care, there were 150 fewer workers in the factory.

Second, the spring of 2020 was very dry – further exacerbating the need for additional watering. The summer had normal rains from December to March (500 mm) and an autumn a little more humid than normal. Finally, the winter of 2021 brought an early 20-hour frost in June, which affected the yield and development of the cane field.

The saccharin yield – that is, the amount of sugar produced per ton of cane – was 10.54%, higher than expected although lower than that of 2020. It should be noted that last year the yield had reached a record historical level. (11.14%) mainly due to the excellent weather conditions.

During the harvest, Ledesma produced 54 million liters of alcohol, and expects to reach 85 million before the start of the next harvest, a figure higher than that of 2020. The recovery in demand for gasoline due to increased economic activity explains the increase . Of this volume, 90% will go to the production of bioethanol for cars in Argentina, and the rest will go to pharmacy alcohol and liquor stores. Regarding packed paper, Ledesma estimates that it will produce 96,500 tons. The company is already using its new transmitter with which it is expanding its production of Ledesma NAT paper, 100% cane and 0% chemicals. This equipment required an investment of US $ 4.5 million.

On the other hand, he announced the creation of an industrial park on a 224-hectare property in Libertador General San Martín, Jujuy, informed the CEO of the company, Javier Goñi.