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Lee Jung-Jae from The Squid Game becomes a spy | Digital Trends Spanish

The international breakout star of the past 12 months is Lee Jung-jae. The South Korean actor became a global sensation for his role as Seong Gi-hun in The Squid Game from Netflix. For his next move, Lee will make his directorial debut with the espionage thriller, hunt.

Lee plays Park Pyong-ho, a KCIA foreign unit chief who is tasked with uncovering a North Korean spy known as Donglim. Together with the head of the KCIA’s domestic unit, Kim Jung-do (Jung Woo-sung), he learns that the spy within his agency is leaking top-secret information that threatens national security. Searching for clues, Pyong-ho and Jung-do begin to investigate each other as they slowly learn of a plot to assassinate the South Korean president.

Set in the 1980s, hunt it’s a game of cat and mouse between the two agents looking for a mole. Although the story is fiction, the circumstances surrounding the film are based on true events. Some of the events include the Gwangju Uprising, North Korean pilot Lee Ung-pyeong’s defection, and the 1983 bombing of Rangoon. Jeon Hye-jin, Go Yoon-jung, Kim Jong-soo, Jung Man-sik, and Heo Sung- tae co-star alongside Lee and Jung.

The Squid Game was the phenomenon of 2021 when the life-changing survival drama about contestants competing for money in deadly childhood games became Netflix’s most-watched series of all time. Lee’s critically acclaimed performance earned him a Primetime Emmy Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In huntLee meets with his Squid Game co-starHeo, who played the villain Jang Deok-su.

Magnet Releasing will premiere hunt in theaters and on Netflix December 2.

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