Wednesday, August 17

LEGO created this inspiring set of The Office for fans | Digital Trends Spanish

fans of the TV series The Office They must be collecting the money and the patience to be able to have this incredible lego set.

Measuring over 3-inches high, 12-inches wide and 10-inches deep, the 1,164-piece set also features 15 minifigures of some of the show’s best-known office pals.

They also didn’t skimp on the details, as there will even be additional stickers and accessories included. “We didn’t want to withhold references,” Lego’s Chris Perron said in a statement.

The set came true after get 10,000 votes through of the Lego Ideas program. The original submitter, Jaijai Lewis, has been working on the project since 2014. It will be available for pre-order on Friday exclusively. on the Walmart website in the United States and Canada and at internationally before its release on October 1. (You’ll also be able to buy it in-store at Walmart when it’s officially on sale.) It will retail for $119.99.

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