Tuesday, September 21

Lemoa and Amorebieta-Etxano turn against violence after the group beating of a 23-year-old

Neighbors of Lemoa and Amorebieta-Etxano have gathered this Thursday in the Town Hall square of the town of Lemoa to show their “rejection of the brutal attack” suffered by the 23-year-old Lemoaztarra, who continues to be admitted to the Hospital with a “serious prognosis” University of Cruces. At 20:00, families, groups of young people and representatives of both municipalities have starred in fifteen minutes of silence in front of the town hall as support and a show of “solidarity with the families and friends of the injured Lemoaztarra.”

The Ertzaintza points to a “violent gang” that operates in greater Bilbao as responsible for the beating of Amorebieta-Etxano

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This has been stated in a statement, read after a strong applause to which all those present have joined. “We show our deepest rejection of this type of attitudes and behaviors, which should have no place either in Lemoa, or Amorebieta, or anywhere in the Basque Country,” sources from the Lemoa City Council have pointed out. They have also remarked that “as a local institution” they want to “reinforce their commitment to continue building a Lemoa and an Amorebieta in which hate speech has no place or space.”

For its part, the Amorebieta-Etxano City Council expressed this afternoon in another statement its “support for the Lemoa concentration” and encouraged “citizens to participate in it.” Municipal representatives of this town have joined the “silent protest”, after recalling in the same statement that Amorebieta-Etxano “is a safe municipality.” “This is not the town that the zornotzarras and zornotzarras have chosen,” they denounced. They also recalled that “in order to avoid this type of situation”, the Consistory has already “adopted measures, such as reinforcing the presence of the Municipal Police and collaboration with the Ertzaintza.” They also pointed out their “rejection of aggression” and their “absolute condemnation of all kinds of violent acts”, and indicated that “the young man and his family have the full support of the City Council”, which will be “at their disposal for whatever they need. “.