Thursday, January 27

Lemon Cash lists two new metaverse cryptocurrencies

Following Facebook’s announcement and its name change to Meta, several decentralized projects of similar virtual worlds such as $ SAND and $ MANA, created on the network of Ethereum, were enhanced by the myriad of opportunities represented by the metaverso from its user-controlled economies, virtual real estate, and to VR-based digital experiences, where you can already experience an early version of everything this new phenomenon has to offer.

“By acquiring the project token, each user can be part of the creation and prosperity of these virtual universes for the purchase and sale of goods and services, which can then be commercialized in NFT format with other users.”, Says Franco Bianchi, CMO of Lemon Cash.

Big brands such as Adidas and renowned artists such as Snopp Dogg, or the video game manufacturer Atari, have already announced their participation in these new decentralized universes in order to achieve even greater interaction with their fans virtually from anywhere in the world creating new experiences and ways of relating.

Also, to this new phenomenon are added the “Play-to-Earn” video games such as the famous Axie Infinity ($ AXS), inspired by Pokemon, with its own metaverse and sustainable economy where the player generates $ SLP reward tokens for winning competitions and complete certain missions or objectives. This token will then allow to breed digital pets called “Axies” (NFTs) that are used to compete in the turn-based fighting game.

“Axie Infinity was a gateway to the crypto world of every gamer, since it has more than a million active users, and each one can sell their pets, flowers, real estate, among other digital assets of the game such as NFTs in open markets within from the Ethereum network, ”says Bianchi.

Lemon Cash users can now participate in the rise of decentralized gaming and metaverse by acquiring the $ AXS (Axie Infinity) and $ SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens, as well as the Sandbox ($ SAND) and Descentraland ($ MANA) metaverses. ) from 100 pesos ars.

THE BOOM of the NFTs reached Lemon Cash

It goes without saying that one of the terms of the year was undoubtedly “NFT”, which refers to the unique digital pieces that represent ships, buildings, land, weapons, flowers, music and experiences and can be marketed online through of the blockchain.

Franco Bianchi adds: “The beginning of the NFTs boom was associated with artistic projects. Today, growth is oriented more to cryptogaming and projects with use cases ”.

Along these lines, Lemon is developing his own NFTs project called Lemon Odyssey that will be officially launched in 2022. At the moment, you can see some of his designs on his Twitter account (@lemonapp), where they also anticipated a Play to game. Earn in which they can be used, and in the NFT digital museum that the brand organized at the Andromeda festival, which took place in Mandarine Park.