Thursday, December 1

Lenovo and Motorola Unveil Cool Rollable Devices | Digital Trends Spanish

This Tuesday, October 18 in the middle of the Tech World 2022 conference, lenovo and its mobile division Motorolapresented a preview of two scrollable devices that lengthen when you click on the side of the screen.

The laptop, on the one hand, has an appearance similar to the Thinkpad X1 Fold, a device with a folding OLED screen that stretches vertically when it reacts to certain content.

In the case of the phone it starts out at a pocketable 4-inches tall, but with the click of a button, the OLED panel extends to a normal 6.5-inch size. Another click retracts the phone to its original shape. It can be used in both sizes, and the content on the screen adapts to the size, including the home screen, videos and more, as shown below.

Lenovo Tech World 2022: Rollable Tech with Luca Rossi

Lenovo VP of Design Brian Leonard explained in the video that it’s part of Lenovo’s research into new form factors that began with the ThinkPad 360P laptop/tablet. “It can expand to a much larger screen space as content dynamically fits the screen, giving people an unprecedented way to hypertask for productivity, navigation and more,” he explained.

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