Thursday, December 7

León hangs a banner in favor of the secession of the Leonese Region in autonomy number eighteen

The mayor of León, the socialist José Antonio Diez, accompanied by the councilors of Unión del Pueblo Leonés (UPL), Eduardo López Sendino and Teresa Fernández, commemorated this Tuesday the second anniversary of the approval of the motion presented by UPL in favor of the autonomy for the Leonese Region in the León City Council.

It was an act held on the balcony of an institutional headquarters, such as the so-called old Town Hall of the Plaza Mayor de León, for a motion that was the starting point for all the motions that have subsequently been approved in 55 municipalities of the city. Leon province, which represent more than 50% of the population.

To celebrate this milestone, a banner was placed in the municipal building of the city’s Plaza Mayor, with the aim, UPL explained in a statement, that “it serves as a wake-up call and knowledge of the situation that the entire Leonese Region suffers. “. The banner is positioned, literally, “For the autonomy of the Leonese Region. For the right of the Leonese people to decide their future”, with reference to the motion approved in 2019.

The last municipality of León to approve the motion in favor of dividing Castilla y León into two autonomous regions was that of Villasabariego, with the support of councilors from the PSOE and UPL. Among those who have approved the motion are also the third and fourth in inhabitants, San Andrés del Rabanedo or Villaquilambre.

In the total count of inhabitants represented in these 55 municipalities in favor of León, there are 229,802, which represents 50.35% of the entire population of the province according to the 2020 census, when the process began. Another 9 city councils have voted against the Leonist motion, that in general terms has received the vote of 60% of the councilors that they have been able to vote for it, regardless of the party they represent.