Sunday, August 1

Less talk, more action

Those inside and outside the Constitutional Court (TC) counted on the ruling on the first state of alarm to put the Government in its place have to be thinking right now if it would not have been better to have waited until September. The umpteenth blow that for the umpteenth time was going to overthrow the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, it was not either. And it will not be because they were not warned that, in this country, it is impossible to get anything done in the summer, even less the overthrow of a government. Spain is effectively divided in two, but not between those who believe that it had to be an alarm or an exception, but between those who want to be on the beach and those who don’t.

It was not necessary to force the TC machine in this way to provoke the umpteenth request for elections by Pablo Casado, another tweet with spelling mistakes by Toni Cantó and a small flood of opinion articles speaking on a sentence that no one has read yet because the TC, so concerned with guaranteeing our rights and ensuring democratic control, has not suspended, but it has emptied our right to know it in its entirety – and not by installments and as is convenient for your honorable Members.

To unleash this summer storm, which will be forgotten with the Olympics, it seems a waste to squander what little credibility the Court had left, to force a vote where a third of those who voted had no right to be, to blur the, until now , a fairly clear distinction between a state of alarm – catastrophes, health crises or accidents – and a state of exception – attempts to subvert the political order – converting ” disturbance of public order ”into an indeterminate legal concept in which, from today, There is room for everything that the government on duty or the judge on duty wants to introduce, or expand to infinity, the until now very limited capacity of a government to invoke the draconian right of exception, making it a priority option and maintaining the only requirement of having the majority to approve it. In a few months, if this sentence will be a problem for someone, it will be for the Court itself, which will spend months trying to get out of the huge legal quagmire where it has gotten into, with a string of sentences where the last one will be even more contradictory than the previous one. .

The Government will do well not to get entangled in the penultimate episode of a debate that the country has already resolved a long time ago. We are the ones who think that the only thing that could be done was done and the best that could be done was done and it became known; and those who think that the problem is this government and should be overthrown as soon as possible because it is not theirs. It is done. There’s no more. Each one has formed his judgment and is not going to change it.

When the Government and its surroundings have finished telling us how young, handsome and good managers the new ministers are and how sad and tired the others ended up, when they have finished showing us how good their moving photos look on Instagram, or When they have finished explaining to us that everything that worked before was due to Félix Bolaños and everything that did not work out was Iván Redondo’s fault, it would be great if they remembered it and concentrated on giving us what most of us want to see: less talk and more action, things happen, laws are passed, money is spent, problems are fixed and we are making the best of this year and a half that we have been standing in the middle of nowhere.

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