Monday, September 20

Lessons from August to August

We always said that nothing happens in August – even if it wasn’t true – but in 2020 it did. In multiple areas. In fact, it is the month that seems chosen to mitigate impact actions in what came to be called the agosticity. This was markedly the case in 2010 in the Spanish Parliament when – forced by the EU, the Troika and Obama – the Constitution was changed in its article 135 to give priority to the debt over the needs of the citizens.

August 2020. Health in the foreground without wanting to, obviously. It was the center of summer that could not be missed and contagions rose. There were still no vaccines. But many people were fed up with coronavirus and restrictions. This year, pandemic fatigue has increased even more, many have started to live as if Covid 19 did not exist, while they continued to be affected in hospitals and ICUs. The dripping is incessant. And the elderly are still dying in the residences. And Primary Care is in a precarious state. And in emptied Spain, much more. And the summer can not go back. It cannot be said to be a surprise.

Everything and always warns. The sanitary deficiencies, the structural corruption, the weak flanks where the world board bursting with interests, the murky politics, the unheard symptoms, the pain of the poisoned darts. Failed stories have a habit of repeating themselves if whoever can does not make changes.

Like this August, last in 2020 he talked about Afghanistan, but hardly anyone heard him. The price of the peace agreed in Doha between the United States of Donald Trump and the Taliban in February was going to be the liberation of 400 of them with a bloody past. The exchange was part of a historic pact in which the Americans pledged to withdraw from Afghanistan in 14 months, and the Taliban to negotiate peace with the Afghan government. They have ignored it and Afghanistan is going through a very complex moment that has an overwhelmed world in check, which gives in and tries to reconcile, without ceasing to take advantage of it. The women are terrified by the Taliban fundamentalism that surrounds them and the Kabul airport constitutes an uncertain exit door that they call desperate citizens. With an expiration date for the lock in a mousetrap: Wednesday, September 1. Notice. And no attention was paid.

On August 4, 2020, there is a strong explosion in the Port of Beirut. The balance is materializing in at least 200 people dead and 7,000 injured. The enormous material losses will later specify that 250,000 inhabitants of the Lebanese capital have been left homeless. 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored in the port along with combustible substances. They had been there for seven years. It was known and nobody did anything despite the voices that warned of the danger. Backbone corruption corrodes. And it kills. And it always warns.

Everything warns. On August 3, we were informed, after intense rumors, that Juan Carlos de Borbón was leaving his residence in Spain. He made it official in a letter to his son and successor, King Felipe VI, stating that he was leaving to facilitate his work “given the public repercussions that certain past events in my private life are generating.” From August to August new revelations of his more than private life have not stopped emerging that fill any ethical conscience with shame and indignation. And nothing happens, as it did not happen when he settled in another well of autarky and repression such as the United Arab Emirates.

With agosticity, Pablo Casado – or whoever is really in charge of the PP – made one of his euphemistically called last year trips to the center, dismissing the language Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo as spokesperson. Then he launched into a continuous spin in which more and more essences of his being were released in the form of unbridled nonsense. He insists on showing off what he lacks and attributing his own guilt to the opposition. Martínez Almeida goes hand in hand. And Ayuso takes out his own cryptocurrency, the ‘Ayusocoins‘called, as you can see, in perfect Wisconsin Spanish. A year ago Ayuso arbitrarily confined his commitment to the freedom of beers. The protest in Vallecas was being beaten, and the journalist Manuel Rico insisted on his valuable work of denouncing the massacre of the nursing homes that took thousands of lives. Chilling data that justice dismisses to blame only the management and health personnel who complied with the protocol orders of the Madrid government. The General Council of the Judiciary, which had expired for two years in August 2020, has now been three.

It would seem that the reigning neoliberalism set in Afghanistan its perfect paradise: huge taxes from citizens – North Americans above all – to weave armed forces that facilitate the convenience of business. The public services that states and societies weave were in the background. And that is what most of the countries walk, paradoxically despite the pandemic that does not get its lessons to be learned. From there and, as if it were not enough, the fascist extreme right has been added, which grows and expands in many places like an uncontrolled plague.

The Government continues to lead the group in vaccinations, receives praise for its exemplary performance in the tasks to evacuate refugees in Afghanistan, addresses social agendas, but has a significant scourge in the returns of minors to Morocco and in fundamental issues that remain unresolved.

Pablo Iglesias left the vice presidency, the Government and politics. The previous August he had to suspend family vacations due to harassment. Infamous front pages peppered the entire month with complaints without cause that had to be shelved, as always. The letters with bullets lost their authorship in police stations, some time later. AND the media “opposition” still haunts him.

We were very longing in August 2020 for lost hugs. But the search for well-being found space in great moments of relaxation, of liberation from confinement within the precautions itself. When the magpies still came to perch two by two on the roof towers. Now they are gone, the pollution from the cities has once again expelled them.

There was more time to read and think – those who usually read and think, of course. The last week of August 2020 resurrects an old newspaper article that is recommended again. It is from the journalist of La Vanguardia in Madrid, Pedro Vallín, published in 2016 and taking as a starting point The arrival or the attributive lifeby Denis Villeneuve. The science fiction film talks about translating the sounds emitted from twelve alien spaceships on Earth. To decode the unintelligible, to learn what it warns. It is hardly written like that in the newspapers anymore. But you have to do it to find and supply guides. Because it is barely understood or the clearest.

“In the course of our lives, the past acts on the present with its arbitrary vicissitudes, it is today that receives the action of yesterday. In our memory it is exactly the opposite, the present subdues the past when it domesticates it, turning it into a speech biographical “, said Vallín. That is why perhaps it is not seen, it is not learned, reality is distorted and it is lived in a false way.

I wrote my conviction that you have to play even if you lose, that you have to live even if you die, choose to live it despite knowing the loss in advance, because there are moments that fill a life. At least for those who have the ability, the privilege, to experience it that way.

August 2021 is going to start over again, which will continue to fall if the alerts that clearly mark the past, the experience, the context are not attended to. The truth of what has been lived, what is rightly expected, what erases the mirages. The lessons of broken hugs. From the lies spread. Of discontinuous texts. From dirty traps. From blinding stupidity. Of the hidden keys.

Failed stories are not only repeated if whoever can do nothing to decisively change the bias: they rot and collapse more and more. In all areas of life, the basic thing is to evaluate the data, compare it, draw logical conclusions and act. It seems incredible that it has to be explained.

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