Thursday, May 19

Let the politics begin

We are running out of quotes from poets, solemn words, symbolic photographs, Calderonian promises, tears in the rain and standing ovations. This week, without going any further, work should begin on what we have stated so many times that made pardons possible and justified their concession: opening a new opportunity for politics. The meeting in La Moncloa between Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonés and the appearance of the president in Congress should allow us to know, albeit roughly, the work agenda that will make it possible to turn this opportunity into effective politics and policies. From reception of authorities and gala dinners at the Mobile we are already served, thank you. The thaw entertains, but does not feed politics.

No one who knows anything about political negotiations could expect that from the central government something more than pardons and the will to speak would be put on the table; or that from the Generalitat and the independence movement they apostatized from the independence, the referendum and the amnesty kneeling at the gates of Lledoners. This is how all negotiations begin, asking for the moon to end up landing in the best possible way on Earth.

What we really need to know is whether all negotiators have learned anything from past mistakes. If everyone is aware that the independence movement lacks the majority it needs and the non-independentists add up to a significant and numerous minority, but that it cannot eternally block the aspirations of others. If everyone assumes that, inevitably, this starting situation requires recognizing that they must reach commitments and agreements that will imply assignments by both parties, that the scope required by such agreements does not fit in the current legal framework and, therefore, must be modified and that these agreements must be voted on and endorsed by a clear majority of the society they affect.

To travel the long and tortuous path towards such agreements there is something that we already know before we begin: the Spanish right cannot be counted on; at least for now. They don’t want to be part of the solution. They prefer to feed a problem that they think benefits them and for this, as they have done so many times, they will only respect the legitimacy of the institutions that help them in their purpose and they will not mind destroying all the others. If you don’t believe me, ask Felipe VI.

For a long time, the vast majority of Spain smells like a traitor to Santiago Abascal and demands a thorough cleaning. That’s not news, it’s his show. The real news is that Pablo Casado intends to overthrow the Red-Satanic Government by putting extreme pressure on the bosses and the Church until they cry and apologize in public. He no longer has anyone left to be angry with over the pardons: unions, Catalan and foreign businessmen, Catalan and foreign bishops, European institutions … All of them duly noted and identified in the ungrateful felon notebook that Aznar has begun to write. Innovative way to retain your lifelong voters: point them out in public.