Wednesday, January 26

Let’s be like china

It sounds very challenging, but why not think about being it on a regional scale. We have all the conditions to become a production and manufacturing hub for the region. We do not have such low labor costs (which we are not interested in matching either), but we do have strategic advantages that we should enhance.

The Canal, access to two oceans, a good level logistics infrastructure. Ports much more advanced than those in the region, land, sea and air connections.

A system that advances towards debureaucratization and the interconnection between the different offices that participate in the processes. We have incentives that attract the attention of foreign companies.

So what are we missing? Vision.

Change the chip a little and see Panama rather as an integrator or as the gateway to a market called Latin America. Think of ourselves more as a block and not as specific markets.

We are more than 600 million inhabitants in the subcontinent. And in today’s dynamics, what we must is enhance our skills and become a strategic ally for the rest of the countries.

Investing in people. In technology. Developing opportunities for the world to stop seeing us as the place of transit and to evolve towards the place that adds value to the world’s economy.

The place has a story of transformation that is worth telling. So, as we always talk about the Nordic model of education, the world talk about the integration model of Panama.

It may sound like a dream. But the talent exists. We just lack the will to achieve it.

A will that does not allow itself to be bent by the political context of today or that of the next 5 or 10 years. Do not be discouraged in the crisis either. Not to question the negative results.

Let’s think about the future.

Dovi Eisenman
FCI Logistics