Monday, October 25

Let’s blame everything on immigrants

A volcano has erupted on La Palma, an event that has not happened in about 50 years. And what does this have to do with the migrant population? You may be wondering, can visa-free passports unleash the fury of nature? That is what I thought, but it seems that EVERYTHING has to do with migrants if one is creative enough.

A few days ago the journalist, sir, well, Javier Negre published a populist tweet in which he alleged that illegal migrants arriving in Spain were staying in 4 * hotels while the palm trees slept on the ground. A phrase that has also been repeated by Santiago Abascal and a neighbor from La Palma who had been affected by the eruption of the volcano on television. (A small note, as well pointed out David Insua responding to Negre, not all the Canary Islands are the same and not all have the same infrastructure to put everyone in 4-5 star luxury hotels).

What do they tell you without saying? They make you understand that if you are Spanish-Spanish (because if you are in the category of racialized Spanish like me, you do not enter, there already is a second-rate Spanish) you have no rights but you have duties and they will take advantage of you! You won’t have a bed to sleep in if a volcano erupts or if you need help eating. Migrants are threatening people and on top of that we give them everything. And the fault is Pedro Sánchez, ah! and of the illegal immigrants who do not stay in their country (but Arab sheiks with a lot of money who buy football teams, welcome to Marbella everyone🤑🤑🤑).

I was talking about this with a friend, he thought that Negre was playing a role by staying in the spotlight, by having a job and being on television. Even a boss that I had, with a conservative and right-wing ideology, believed that Santiago Abascal also played a role, that it was impossible for anyone today outside of the ideology to think like that, that it was a strategy. And the icing on the cake, he told me: “surely Vox voters believe that speech more than Abascal himself.” The worst of all is that, seeing the replies to the tweets and seeing what the neighbor of La Palma expressed, it seems that reason was not lacking in my old boss.

I wonder, is spreading hate a strategy? Is promoting racism and xenophobia a strategy? Strategy towards what? What do they want to achieve? Who benefits from that hatred? Let’s remember, constructive criticism is not the same as criminalization and the promotion of hatred towards a group (let’s remember the posters about the Menas in the Madrid metro).

The psychologist Arun Mansukhani explains that the human being tends to individuality when things are going well for him, but he groups together to face danger or threats, and he calls this union the endogroup (us), which prepares to face the exogroup (the others). But for there to be union, there must be a bond. There are many different links that can group human beings and make people who go their own way, a great mass (that mass can be critical or not 🤷🏻‍♀️): a soccer team, a religion or hatred towards the same .

Be careful to detect who is selling us as enemies, because if the bond that unites is hatred, today they are migrants, but who were they in the past, when there were almost no migrants in Spain due to the dictatorship? And who will be the threat in the future?