Tuesday, October 26

Letter from the author of the outrage in Murcia: “I want justice for Islam and telepathic rapes and murders”

Abdellah Gmara, who died last Friday when the car he was driving crashed into the terrace of a bar in the Murcian town of Torre Pacheco (Murcia), left a letter written in which he described his performance as a “terrorist attack” in revenge for the treatment received in the past in a juvenile center in Valencia. In that center, he wrote, Islam was not respected and there were “rapes and murders” committed “telepathically”.

At lunchtime on September 17, Gmara crashed the Volkswagen Golf that he was driving at full speed against the tables outside an Indian restaurant. The 28-year-old driver died as a result of the collision, which cost the life of an Ecuadorian citizen and wounds of varying degrees to other people. Two handwritten notes with the same content as a third appeared in the glove compartment of the vehicle, the latter found in his wallet.

“This is a terrorist act because of the injustice it has suffered for 14 years of which I have been aware for months,” begins the letter, to which elDiario.es has had access. Next, the perpetrator points out three alleged workers at the Mislata II juvenile center. “Many people know of his forced (sic) to rape, murder, manipulation of feelings and pedophilia,” he adds. On the side of the page appears the legend in Arabic: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” Abdellah Gmara arrived in Spain at the age of 12 as an unaccompanied minor from Morocco.

The content of the note and the fact that a witness assured the agents that he had seen the young man make the gesture of uniqueness before crashing the car caused a court in San Javier to inhibit in favor of the National Court due to the evidence. of a possible jihadist attack. By distribution, the matter fell to the Investigating Court number 1 of the specialized court, whose head, Alejandro Abascal, opened a case for a possible crime of terrorism and declared the proceedings secret.

Last Tuesday, the day after the National Court opened the case for possible terrorism, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, published a tweet denouncing an alleged maneuver by the Government and its “media accomplices” for hiding the “possible jihadist attack”. The far-right politician established an alleged link between terrorism and immigration policies: “They are willing to use any hoax in order to hide what we have been warning for years is happening every day: the call effect only brings insecurity.”

The Information Service of the Civil Guard has taken charge of the investigations at the orders of the judge of the National Court. According to sources close to the case, the agents track social networks and the rest of the Internet in search of a possible process of radicalization of the perpetrator of the attack, as well as other indications that confirm or rule out a terrorist motivation. If Gmara had acted alone, the investigators will have to determine if the figure of ‘lone wolf’ can be attributed to him, the one who, assuming the postulates of organizations like ISIS, act with the same motivations and objectives without having to have an organic dependence on the terrorist organization .

Abdallah’s brother, Bendaoud Gmara, has told the newspaper The Truth of Murcia that in a recent encounter, the perpetrator told him that “there were people who were after him and wanted to kill him.” Bendaoud Gmara also assures that his brother resented the low salary he received in the fields and that everything he earned “he spent very quickly on cocaine and hashish.”

Legal sources assure that the case is doomed to the archive if alleged collaborators of Gmara do not appear in the deadly outrage, even when new evidence tends the case towards terrorist motivation. The reason is that the sole perpetrator of the crime would have died and the facts are, therefore, unimputable.

Abdellah Gmara’s letter continues to refer to third parties and blurts out: “In the end you have not got what you wanted. I am also innocent !!”. In the text, Abdellah Gmara exonerates the friend who loaned him the car, who he had deceived by claiming that he needed it for a visit to the hospital. The letter closes with a phrase that is not clear to whom it is addressed: “He wants everyone to be gay.” Before crashing the car, Gmara cut his chest with a knife that appeared in the vehicle with traces of his blood.