Wednesday, November 29

Letter to a Saharawi

A few months ago, during the last edition of FISAHARA, held in Madrid due to the impossibility of doing it in the camps due to the war situation, our mother was granted an immense honor —that is how she would have experienced it—by naming her a Saharawi citizen posthumously and honorary. That makes us the proud sons of a Saharawi fighter and noblesse obliges.

Yes, mother, your people have been betrayed again. Already when we made the documentary “Children of the Clouds” an American diplomat resignedly explained that in a world dominated by realpolitik —which is the fine way of calling immorality in international politics—, the problem of the Saharawis is that they are too few to matter, too few to matter in the face of the demands of a satrap like the king of Morocco, in the face of his extortions and in the face of income statements and economic balances.

Clausewitz, the great theoretician of war, came to say that this is nothing more than the continuation of politics by other means. We might add that war and politics are nothing more than the continuation of business by any means. And Morocco is a priority partner in the Maghreb of France, the USA… and Spain. What can the legitimate claims of a people that was colonized and abandoned by Spain, invaded by Morocco, assassinated and bombed in their flight to the Hammada, the desert of the desert, tortured and imprisoned daily in their occupied territories, matter? Nothing. It does not matter if international law endorses their claims of independence, their right to exist as a people. It does not matter if the UN certifies the obligation to carry out a consultation, a referendum that gives them a voice and self-determination. That the impotent commissioners follow one another, that several have disgustedly denounced the inaction and complicity in the international scoundrel against the Saharawi people.

Curiously, mother, and this being a cause that generates such transversal solidarity among Spanish citizens, so sadly divided in so many other things, the transfer to Moroccan blackmail has always found an amazing unanimity in the different Spanish governments. things of the realpolitik, you know. Things that citizens do not understand. Of course we live in strange times when if you scream Not to the war, not to any war, they call you naive or directly ignorant. Times of bellicose televangelists, shipments of weapons to muddy conflicts -all in all, the dead are put by others- and selective solidarities: your luck as a refugee changes a lot depending on the color of your skin, your hair and your eyes. of your creed It is a pity that the fair and necessary solidarity with any refugee is not extended, for example, to a town that was a Spanish province, that preserves Castilian as a treasure and that has been fighting for decades for its independence before a satrap who imprisons them, tortures them and bombards them.

things of the realpolitik.


We, like you, mother, will always continue to ask for a Free Sahara Now!