Sunday, October 2

LG arrives at CES 2022 with a curved armchair to watch television | Digital Trends Spanish

LG is coming to CES 2022 with a couple of conceptual designs very interesting. These are chairs created for watching television or exercising and based on LG’s curved panels, to give the user the best possible comfort.

The first of these chairs is called the Media Chair and it is basically a modern throne, with a curved screen right in front of the user. The base frame completes nearly two-thirds of a circumference and sits on top of what appears to be a comfortable single chair and a 55-inch curved OLED screen.

This display can be placed in portrait or landscape orientation by pressing a button on the chair. And it has a curvature of 1,500R which, according to LG, is the optimal angle also considering the distance between the chair and the screen. On the other hand, the chair has an audio system called Cinematic Sound OLED, which makes the screen vibrate to emit sound waves, without the need for speakers.

LG’s second concept design is called Virtual Ride and it is an exercise bike surrounded by three 55-inch OLED displays, which surround the user from front to head and create the impression of being a single large screen. The objective of the Virtual Ride chair is none other than to give the person the greatest possible comfort when exercising on this type of bicycle, which is usually quite a boring task if there is no extra distraction.

Both the Media Chair and the Virtual Ride are concepts whose purpose is to highlight the characteristics of LG’s curved OLED panels; therefore, they are not expected to go on sale in the near future, or at least not in their current form. But those who pass by the South Korean company’s booth at CES 2022 will be able to see and try them, as long as the event goes ahead as expected.

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