Sunday, December 5

LG Electronics presented the “Home Appliance Showcase 2021” in Panama

The advantages that smart appliances have for some time have been gaining relevance. This is due to the fact that various functionalities have been included that allow the user to have a more comfortable and practical life.

For this reason, LG Electronics pioneer in this market held the renowned event “Home Appliance Showcase 2021” In Panama. Where the news in this segment for 2022 was announced.

“On LG Electronics We have always been at the forefront by offering the latest in innovation for more connected smart homes. Because we know that it is the future and with them users will have the ability to control their electrical appliances, no matter where they are ”, he commented Félix Almendral, specialist in Product for LG Electronics.

It is no secret that more and more we are looking for pleasant and intelligent experiences when it comes to solving indispensable functions within the home.

Of course, this is one of the great advantages that appliances offer us, which day by day become more sophisticated and specialized, a continuous goal of LG Electronics, being aware that the current lifestyle has changed as well as the demands and expectations of consumers, that is why throughout history LG Electronics has reaffirmed its mission to achieve their satisfaction by offering innovative, world-class products and services that facilitate and improve their daily lives.

Evolve your home with the LG InstaView ™ Door-in-Door® Craft Ice Refrigerator

Its functional and technological characteristics have earned it countless CES 2021 innovation awards and many more. For this 2022 LG will not be left behind and will bring improvements for its Side by Side models that will incorporate the technology LG UV nano, in its water dispenser, with this the brand focuses on providing greater peace of mind to users since it will eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria from the water dispenser.

Moreover, it includes its ice spheres, LG Craft Ice. Which are now built into the inside and top of the refrigerator.

For unique and great drinks that will stay cold longer and with their original taste.

Likewise, its technology LG InstaView Door-in-Door a reflective glass panel that lights up when you touch it twice and allows you to see everything you have inside without having to open the door, without losing cold air, so your food will stay fresh for longer.

Similarly, a series of technologies developed in order to maintain constant and uniform cold, such as LG Linear Cooling and LG Door Cooling.

Also, the control panel of the refrigerator that previously came outside, will be included inside.

Enjoy a smart wash with LG WashTower

LG WashTower first in its class, a laundry center with your washer and dryer in a single integrated unit with a unique design to provide the best washing at home in the smallest possible space.

In the same way, its design gives you the opportunity to access its control of functions more quickly and easily. Since it is located in the center, offering a more comfortable experience.

This latest laundry solution also offers added value for the consumer. As it is the AI ​​Assistant that learns the user’s washing habits (Smart Learner ™), sends them notifications (Smart Notification) and recommends dryer cycles based on the washing machine load settings (Smart Pairing).

All this through the application ThinQ de LG Electronics. That gives the user the facility to remotely control their device and from a smartphone.

With respect to the firsts for 2022, users will be able to find the device in a lighter gray tone to liven up their laundry.

Distinguish yourself with the LG InstaView stove with Air Fry

With this incredible equipment you will elevate your recipes even more. Giving it that original touch that will surprise everyone in each of your creations.

LG InstaView ™ technology, by double-tapping the oven panel, automatically turns on an interior light so you can visually check the progress of your pan inside.

In addition, at the time of cleaning it will no longer be a headache that takes hours. Because it has EasyClean® to clean your oven and stove quickly and effortlessly.

And if you want to lead a healthy life with your family. The Air Fry offers delicious fried foods leaving aside oil or any similar type of product.

By 2022, they will be able to enjoy a larger capacity oven, a rear conversion fan and a grill that now runs on flames and not electricity.

In this way, consumers can save on their electricity bill.

Clean from every angle with the LG QuadWash dishwasher

In 2022, among the new aspects of the LG QuadWash ™ dishwasher. They can be found with connectivity to the ThinQ app, a QuadWash fan for access to the toughest areas, and tighter shelves between sections for more capacity.

Healthier and fresher garments with LG Styler Steam Closet

This clothing care system will help you to have all the facilities of a dry cleaner from your home.

Leaving chemicals behind and using the power of steam, LG’s TrueSteam technology will completely revolutionize the way you care for your clothes.

By reducing the annoying odors that adhere to fabrics from smoke, sweat, food, among others. Giving a fresh and renewed look to your favorite clothes.

On the other hand, the LG Styler includes a special compartment in the door that helps to restore the crease in your pants. Allowing you to reduce wrinkles at the knee, waist and anywhere else.

Efficiently clean every corner of your home with the LG CordZero Hand Vacuum

The Handheld Vacuum Cleaner LG CordZero A9 allows you to clean easily and with greater coverage all the corners of your home.

In the same way, it has an automatic process to disinfect and empty your bag. And it comes with a structure capable of storing several cleaning nozzles.

As well as, it is equipped with two removable and rechargeable top batteries that allow you to clean and charge at the same time.

As a leader in technological innovations, LG Electronics presents with these devices a glimpse of a better, safer and easier future.

With advanced solutions that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a more connected and intelligent home. By enhancing your life in the kitchen, living room, and laundry room.

One more time, LG Electronics Through the years it has managed to demonstrate a constant evolution that has made it the global brand that we all know today. It seeks to offer its consumers optimal solutions and new experiences through constant innovation for a better life.