Tuesday, July 5

LG patents a new rollable OLED screen | Digital Trends Spanish

South Korean manufacturer LG has patented a technology for televisions that is far too advanced for what we know today: an OLED screen that can be rolled up.

The patent was entered on June 4 in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO for its silgas in English) and details a design that, as seen in the image below, consists of a central base and two structures that stretch out to the sides.

When these parts are opened, the OLED panel unrolls to shape the screen as such.

The design also implies that this screen, should it ever exist, will not have borders or a traditional frame like that of today’s televisions. Because it is worth remembering that even the most modern screens with ultra-thin bezels still have a small border on each side.

LG is not a neophyte company in this type of technology, but on the contrary. Last year they put their first roll-up TV on sale, although with a somewhat different shape since that model is rolled vertically (from bottom to top) by means of a mechanism at its base. Said model costs $ 87,000, a price commensurate with its futuristic technology.

However, the newly revealed patent would show a somewhat different operation, which in turn would lead to think that a television like this could be aimed not at the home or domestic segment, but at other types of uses, perhaps for commercial or home environments. business.

That, as long as a screen like this eventually exists and can be purchased.

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