Friday, January 28

LG Tiiun: a connected greenhouse to grow vegetables and flowers indoors and control them from the mobile

Home automation goes beyond connected refrigerators and lamps. And if there is a manufacturer that has no qualms about presenting new devices, it is LG. In the framework of CES 2022, LG presents a connected greenhouse: the LG Tiiun, which means “sprout” in Korean.

We are facing a small indoor garden, a space where you can grow vegetables, herbs or flowers in a simple way and with the addition of being able to control and monitor the growth of plants and their care through the mobile.

ThinQ compatible and LED light source

Interior Garden Lg 1

The design of this LG Tiiun is reminiscent of a small refrigerator. Like other indoor gardens, the goal is to be able to grow throughout the year so as not to depend on the weather outside. LG’s product features two shelves where up to six packets of seeds can be stored of up to three types. Each of these packages contains 10 holes and allows you to grow different vegetables for a period of 4 to 8 weeks.

As explained by LG, the Tiiun has the cooling, water purification and ventilation necessary to be able to cultivate with little effort and although our knowledge of gardening is basic.

Interior Garden Lg 4

It has an inverter and a system to adjust the temperature precisely to create the optimal conditions at all times. This is, allows to regulate temperature and light to emulate the natural cycle of the day and the system waters 8 times every 24 hours. It also has a system to regulate humidity for plants.

Lg Fondo Garden

The LG Tiiun has an internal LED light source, a transparent door so that we can see them grow and a hermetic seal to prevent the entry of insects.

In terms of its purely technological functions, the greenhouse is part of LG’s ThinQ ecosystem, which means that it can be controlled with the mobile application. From it the user will be able to mremotely monitor the germination process, receive notifications when the water tank is empty and modify temperature settings.

At the moment LG has not announced its availability or official price, beyond commenting that it will be available at the CES 2022 technology fair for demonstration.

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