Monday, May 29

Liborio Sánchez explodes against Michel Leaño: “He never kicked a ball”

Wow the results in Chivas they are not pleasant at all in the first three games of the MX League, Closing tournament 2022, then have a victory (Mazatlan), a defeat (Pachuca) And a tie (Queretaro), leaves in doubt the ability of Michel Leano as coach of the most popular team in Mexico or is it what the goalkeeper Liborio Sanchez ensures.

The now element of the team of Club Social Y Deportivo Xinabajul Huehue from Guatemala spoke for ESPN about the current situation of the Guadalajara team, about their hiring, style of play, directive and even the coach.

“Yes it was annoying (seeing firewood heading to Guadalajara) and I told my wife: just look at this bastard, who has never kicked a ball in his fucking life and is now the coach of the most important club in Mexico”, were the first impressions of the former goalkeeper of the Guadalajara.

On the other hand, Liborio Vicente Sanchez He said he was puzzled by the situation that exists within Mexican soccer, because not giving opportunity to new coaches who know about their position and about soccer, means that there is no healthy and fair competition.

“What surprises me is that there are so many players and former players who were selected, who have stepped on many fields and have prepared themselves for an opportunity like this, they have not been given it, they are the injustices that one says in soccer, or it is the lever or It’s a different kind of thing,” he said.

the opportunity that Amaury Vergara With Ricardo Pelaez, who are the main characters of the rojiblanco team who decide who enters and who leaves, has made the fans not satisfied with the results obtained for several seasons, since since last 2017 Chivas does not look inside the Aztec football.

At this time and after three dates, the second most successful team in the local tournament is in ninth position in the tournament with a total of four units. The next duel of those led by Michel Leano it will be next saturday against FC Juarez.