Wednesday, November 29

Lidl agrees to a 7% salary increase for its staff in 2022

The supermarket chain Lidl will increase the salary of its staff by a minimum of 16.5% until 2025, after reaching an agreement with the UGT and CC.OO. to sign the third collective agreement of the chain in Spain and renew its own labor framework.

The salary increase remains at 2.4% in the agreements until May, with inflation triggered at 8.7%

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In this 2022 the remuneration of more than 15,500 workers will increase by 7%, in 2023 it will do so by 3.5% and a minimum of 3% in both 2024 and 2025, the company reports in a statement this Thursday.

For this year, it will increase its salary mass by 22 million euros and will incorporate for the first time a salary review clause based on the CPI “in order to guarantee the purchasing power” of its staff at all times, being able to reach an increase remuneration of up to 19% in four years.

The new agreement consolidates some rights already acquired in past agreements, such as the implementation of the maximum working week of five days or the application of paid leave from the first working day.

It also introduces novelties such as the voluntary nature of working on holidays with extraordinary remuneration or the extension from 12 to 14 years of the maximum age of dependent minors for requests to reduce the working day.

Positive assessment of unions

CCOO has valued the agreement very positively, “which represents an improvement in the working conditions of the Lidl workforce and is positioned as one of the best agreements in the sector”.

For its part, UGT has stated that the agreement is “good news” both for the workers of Lidl and for the company itself. “We will continue to be very aware of the evolution of the context”, he has indicated.