Sunday, December 10

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura’s ashes will go to space on Vulcan | Digital Trends Spanish

A special tribute will the beloved and late actress, Nichelle Nicholsbetter known as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura from Star Trek, as her ashes will travel into space on an appropriately named Vulcan Centaur rocket, with memorial spaceflight company Celestis leading the charge. mission «Enterprise Flight«.

Nichols’s son, Kyle Johnson, donated her ashes after she died in July at age 89.

During the mission, Nichols will join the remains of the creator of star trek, Gene Roddenberry, and his wife, Majel Barrett, who played the show’s nurse, Christine Chapel. James Doohan, who played Enterprise engineer Scotty, and visual effects artist Douglas Trumbull, known for his work on Star Trek: The Motion Pictures, bladerunner and more will also be on board.

When the rocket takes off from Cape Canaveral, will transport more than 200 capsules containing ashes, samples of DNA, as well as the names, messages and images provided by users from all over the world.

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