Thursday, September 16

Life is chaos

The politician, even the famous, is political precisely because he is clumsy

Ortega y Gasset. the Rebelion of the mass

Observe those around you and you will see how they advance lost through life. You will hear them speak with specific formulas about themselves, which would indicate that they have ideas about all this. But if you briefly analyze these ideas, you will notice that they do not reflect much or little of the reality to which they seem to refer, and if you delve deeper into the analysis, you will find that they do not even pretend to conform to such reality. Quite the contrary: the individual tries with them to intercept his own vision of reality, his life itself. Because life is for now a chaos where one is lost. The man suspects it; But he is terrified of coming face to face with that terrible reality and tries to hide it with a ghostly curtain where everything is very clear. He doesn’t care that his “ideas” are not true; He uses them as trenches to defend himself against his life, fuss to get away from reality.

I close quotes.

I have not opened them before to bring you on the spot, so that you can taste the actuality of some words that were written in 1937 by the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset. Just so they could see how in that ghostly curtain that we use to weave, what is so classic seems new to us. How do we keep running to escape that suspicion: that life is chaos where one is lost. Only now many do not even run away from that idea that instills dread and forces us to search for a meaning to existence. Now many would not even have been able to formulate it and, therefore, they will never read it on the lips of others. If they don’t know it exists they won’t even be able to search saint gugel To find it. There will not be an influencer to pass it on to you.

The ideas as fuss to get away from reality. There is nothing more current or more tiring. Nothing poorer. Nothing more dangerous. Digging trenches in the face of reality is just an assurance that its legions will crush you by passing over you. How many people are left in each generation who have asked the big questions? I am not saying that they have solved them, which is impossible, I am just saying that they have been raised. Where you come from? Where are you going? What’s the point of all this? There are politicians and parents and teachers and companies erasing any spark that may lead to these questions with deception.

People commit suicide after the pandemic, young people, almost children. Let’s not look over there. Perhaps they have only discovered the reality of the chaos we inhabit. Perhaps they have run out of trenches to defend themselves from life. That generation that cries out because they accuse others of having left them a worse present and a worse future, who has told them about the chaos? Who sold you clarity? They did not give Ciorán to read but neither did Ortega, they did not give Unamuno to read and they did not know the tragic meaning of life. They make fuss to get away from reality without knowing that whatever they do, they will not deter or scare it away.

They advance lost through life. Like so many. Like almost everyone. Protected by a growing noise that avoids feeling the dread and vertigo of the lack of meaning not only of existence but of the world around us.

Twenty years after the fall of the towers. Soflamas and memories. Few answers to questions that were never asked precisely. America has collapsed like its emblematic buildings because it never wanted to understand that life is chaos, because it collapsed feeling that it was not able to keep it at bay, to dominate reality, to give meaning to its existence beyond mere strength of those “ideas” that served as trenches. In a forward flight, they tried to exchange them for other trenches dug in the desert, but moving troops, invading land, losing it, retreating is just a simulation of a battle that must take place inside individuals, in the depths of societies. Life is chaos and Westerners run to hide in social networks or in shopping or traveling low cost, as if chaos were not going to reach us like this, as if that had summarized and summarized the vital anguish of humanity expressed for centuries in the vibrant or exhausted words of so many thinkers.

“The man with a clear head – Ortega continues – is the one who frees himself from those phantasmagoric ‘ideas’ and looks life in the face, and realizes that everything in them is problematic and feels lost.”

Do you feel lost? They are alive. The one who accepts it has begun to find himself. The one who recognizes it is beginning to find the way to the solution. He will then look for a lifeline within himself. “Those are the only true ideas, the ideas of the shipwrecked. He who does not feel truly lost, is inexorably lost.” Individuals and also societies that are little more than amalgamation of individuals that relate to each other.

I know they expected me to speak to them about important things: about Malasaña, about a bishop, perhaps about a € 19 raise that is highly contested or about putting or not putting more doses of vaccines or about that dispute to preside over a party. I beg your pardon, although I know that I have actually also spoken to you about all this.

“The excess of good fortune had dislocated the Roman political body,” continues the philosopher a little further down. The problems of the first world, our ridiculous troubles, will eventually dislocate us and bury us under the rubble of our towers of Babel.

Life is chaos and we are lost in it.

We cannot run away.

Will we know how to face it?

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