Friday, March 24

Liga MX: Chivas and Juárez already know the date for the duel on matchday 4 of the Clausura 2022

The strong frosts in Juarez City, Chihuahua, they made the party of FC Juarez Y Chivas had to change its date, because the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium It was completely painted white after the snowfall that occurred this Saturday.

One of the most anticipated duels of day 4 of the MX Leaguecorresponding to the contest Closure 2022, was not held and the agency has already set a new date for the meeting to take place this coming Wednesday, February 9, in the same building, although the time of the meeting still remains to be checked.

Several of the shocks of our Aztec football were modified due to the COVID-19 since the beginning of the current championship, but this time the virus had nothing to do with it, since the extreme climate change caused the braves They couldn’t show off their new clothes.

It must be remembered that before the close FIFA the northern team announced that this game would pay special tribute to the Mexican singer-songwriter John Gabriel, so his shirt was modified in honor of this great Mexican character.

At this moment FC Juarez, subject to the result of the ‘navel of the week’, is in sixth position with a total of six points; while the people of Guadalajara are tenth by obtaining, so far, four units.

After the game that both squads have in dispute, the following date number five, Juarez will rest, while the rojiblancos will do the honors to their similar tigers at Akron Stadium.

So far it has not been revealed at what time the meeting will have its initial whistle, so waiting will be the best decision before announcing bad news.