Saturday, November 27

Lightship: Niantic Releases Its Own Dev Kit To Build A Metaverse In Augmented Reality

Not everything is going to be closures at Niantic after the bad news of Catan World Explorers and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The company responsible for Pokémon GO has announced the next release of Lightship, Your Own Augmented Reality Development Kit. It will be completely free for all programmers who want to use it and it will be integrated with Unity.

Niantic wants reality, no matter how much metaverse there is

Niantic wants that Lightship be the tool to create “a metaverse in the real world” as an alternative to metaverso that has proposed Facebook. John Hanke, el CEO de Niantic, rated in August the vision of a virtual metaverse as “a dystopian nightmare” and advocates that people should continue to meet in person rather than see each other in the de ‘Ready Player One’:

“At Niantic, we believe humans are happiest when their virtual world leads to the physical. Instead of a science fiction metaverse, a real-world metaverse will use technology to enhance our experience with the world we’ve known for thousands of years. years”

At the moment Coachella, Historic Royal Palaces, Universal Pictures and PGA of America have already teamed up with Niantic to add their bets to this metaverse. If they get a formula like the one that triumphed with ‘Pokémon GO’ the effort will have already been worth it.

To motivate more developers, Niantic has also announced a $ 20 million program which will reward the most interesting proposals made with Lightship. If you dare, you can download the development kit at the official website from right now.

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