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Lincoln updates the Navigator with more technology and luxury | Digital Trends Spanish

The new Lincoln Navigator 2022, has just been presented to the public. It is an updated version of the current generation of its family-size luxury SUV originally introduced in 2017, which shares its platform – and its outsized size – with the Ford Expedition. The new Navigator comes with subtle but effective cosmetic upgrades, as well as new technologies, including autonomous driving under certain circumstances, that keep it at the forefront in its segment.

In the aesthetic section, the Navigator 2022 arrives with a much larger grill than the model it replaces, flanked by LED headlights with adaptive pixel projectors of a less generic and more successful design than in the past. The heavy rear optical assembly of the previous model, which in my opinion was always its weak point visually speaking, was replaced by a version of the rear lights of the Lincoln Aviator in 3D LED, which improves the general appearance and makes it lose the visual heaviness. of the previous model.

The changes to the interior will only be apparent to the expert eyes, but will be enjoyed by all your drivers and passengers. The touchscreen now measures 13.2 inches and although it is still positioned over the air conditioning ducts, these are slightly larger. Passengers in the second row of seats with the option of separate seats, will get a new 5.8-inch digital screen in the console that separates the seats in which they can set their own audio settings, climate and control the position of the seats.

In the luxury section, Lincoln expands the top series of the Black Label range for the Navigator, with two new themes called Central park with dark wood trim, and Invitation with open-pore Khaya wood trim and dual laser engraving.

The Navigator was Lincoln’s model of choice for the debut of its optional autonomous driving system. ActiveGlide, your system version BlueCruise from Ford, which operates on 130,000 miles of approved and mapped roads in North America, using a suite of cameras and sensors to observe both the road and the driver. However, the Navigator 2022 is equipped as standard with the autonomous systems Intersection Assist that applies the brakes in the event of a potential collision when turning left at an intersection and Active Park Assist 2.0, Ford’s delicious automatic parking system, one of the best on the market.

Navigator 2022 systems can be upgraded over the air with new features added as they become available. The SYNC 4 infotainment system has twice the data processing capacity of the past, has a beautiful interface unique to the model, and Amazon Alexa functionality is free for three years. Connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is wireless on the new Navigator.

The 30-way front seats have an enhanced massage function, while the second seat passengers have standard heating and cooling, and optional massage functions.

The Navigator 2022’s adaptive suspension uses a dozen sensors and cameras to constantly monitor the SUV’s motion and predict road imperfections, causing the suspension to adjust up to 100 times per second for the smoothest ride possible.

Strangely, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 twin-turbocharged V6 arrives almost intact in 2022, and we say ‘almost’ because it lost 10 horsepower with the pass of the year, for a total of 440, instead of the 450 of the 2021 model. 510 pound-feet of torque remains intact, and in a monster this size that’s what’s important.

If Lincoln manages to get enough chips to make it, the new Navigator will begin shipping later this year, when prices will be announced.

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